Auction of final model in Ilkley Fountain limited edition series, donated by Ronnie Duncan

Reserve price: £1,700.00


Auction ends 24 July with model available for viewing at Grove Bookshop, Ilkley 10 – 24 July


Artwork: Scale model of Ilkley Fountain design sculpture and bowl in galvanised and etched steel suitable for outdoor display (without fountain mechanism, please see note below).

Dimensions: 46 high x 46 cm wide

Number of editions and price per edition: 10 models in the edition: £1,700.00 per edition

Availability: Editions 1 – 9 have sold out. This last model (no. 10), donated by Ronnie Duncan, is auctioned to the highest bidder

Price breakdown:
Fabrication by James Wilkinson: £700 & amount to Improving Ilkley per edition: £1000 (for nos. 1 – 9)
For this special donated model, the full amount will go to the Ilkley Fountain project.



  • As the steel bowls which hold the leaves are made separately and are spun, they arrive with a small hole at the bottom (12mm). A discreet nut and bolt after galvanising (in zinc which resembles the galvanised steel) has been added to this hole. This means that the bowl can be waterproof and collect rainwater, or, alternatively, the small bolt can be removed so that a separate small water feature of choice can be added.
  • Each model is numbered as part of the first edition of the Ilkley Fountain design
  • The secondary larger bowl (80cm) in Corten steel on display with the model (representing the stone basin), is not included
  • The successful bidder will have their name marked permanently at the site of the new fountain
  • For design notes, please see: Fountain design process
  • For additional images, please see: Images of Ilkley Fountain model
  • Date, time and amount of highest bid will be updated on the JustGiving page:
  • To place a bid, email


The fountain design is an important expression of the contribution which the habitat, town and landscape of Ilkley makes to the environment. It was a home-grown design, but had the competition been national, I believe it would have won for its beauty, simplicity and relevance.
Ronnie Duncan

Art collector

The nesting of Juliet Gutch’s proposed new sculpture in the wide shallow bowl of the old fountain at the bottom of Mill Ghyll will provide a welcome visual asset to the town, ensuring the future of the recovery of this original monument from 1865. The design, which takes its prompt from the natural world, is adventurous without being extreme and appropriate to an age that has a certain anxiety about the commissioning of monuments and sculpture for the public domain.

Behind its conception are interesting and considered thought-processes that carry forwards modernist sculpture’s concerns that emerged in the 1930s. New populist scientific ideas found affiliations with sculptural ideas that found expression in forms that reflected the outward shape of nature but also its beguiling inward and until then unseen dimensions.  This new fountainhead, which offers a contemplative evocation of the nature of moor-found sphagnum moss and its water-bearing properties, carries profound local significance that will engage and delight local audiences as well as the town’s growing number of visitors

Nigel Walsh

Curator, Leeds Art Gallery

Image by Jaz Oldham of the Fountain model in the window of the Grove Bookshop