Brilliant to have been included in this exhibition at Intersect Arts, St. Louis:

“The dovetail joint is ancient carpentry technique that predates written history. The technique, while simplistic, is extraordinarily strong,  aesthetically elegant, and can provide the structural framework for anything from a wooden drawer to an entire building.

For this exhibition, the dovetail joint functions as a metaphor for exploring the work of collaborative makers. While the effort of collaboration can be simple or (more often) complex, when we create in reciprocity, the results can express extraordinary frameworks for stronger, more elegant ways of being, thinking, and appreciating together.

The exhibition features 26 works of diverse aesthetic sensibility and subject matter, all unified by the fact that they were created by more than one artist.

This exhibition is part of a larger series of programs at Intersect Arts Center that include partnerships with local chefs and culinary artists, musicians from the St. Louis Symphony, Leverage Dance Theater, and many others to create responsive interdisciplinary experiences that are accessible and inclusive of a very diverse audience.

About the curators: Sarah Bernhardt is the founder and director of Intersect Arts Center. She received her MFA from Washington University in St. Louis and teaches at St. Louis University. Christina Schempf is a classical musician who holds a MM from New England Conservatory of Music, and collaborated in curating this exhibition.”