For sale and commission

We really enjoy working to private commission, large or small, as it is a challenge and a pleasure to respond to a space, an environment, people or a garden. 

I work by spending some time with the person or organisation for whom the new work is for. If it is a present for someone else then I like to hear the person who is giving it talk about the person, family or organisation it is for. I give a quote, depending on materials, size and installation requirements. Somehow the shapes, materials and composition seem to come together themselves after this. As well as wooden mobiles, which we make in our own studio, we have completed large-scale commissions in a range of metals (we work with different fabricators depending on the commission). As the mobile – on any scale and in any material – progresses, we can provide drawings and maquettes of the evolving piece.

Much of our work is exhibited at the gallery Jaggedart in London (please contact Andrea Harari), but we do have a few available mobiles remaining from a number of series we have made over the past few years. There is one image of each available mobile below but please be in touch if you would like additional images, details about size and materials, or prices of any of these pieces.