After a development phase during which we have worked collaboratively with Improving Ilkley and James Wilkinson on the scale model for the proposed fountain sculpture for the centre of Ilkley, we are pleased to share images of the results.

The site-specific design is a contemporary interpretation of this spa town’s unique relationship with moorland water. Its abstract, intertwining shapes are a response to the keystone species Sphagnum Moss, found in abundance on Ilkley’s moorland. This plant filters and purifies the water as well as being a crucial carbon store and is vital for reducing flood risk and supporting biodiversity. The design celebrates the healing and nurturing qualities of Sphagnum Moss and echoes the importance of current local efforts to preserve nature’s balance on Ilkley Moor.

NB: The model is available as a limited edition with all proceeds after James Wilkinson’s fabrication costs going towards the Improving Ilkley Fountain Project. Please see details here.

Many thanks to David Lindsay for the following photos.


Images of the model outside

Additional images of model outdoors

Studio images (rotation)
Details (Studio)
Experiments with pouring water with a jug (studio)

  1. The model is a 1:5 representation.
  2. With the stone basin, the final height of the fountain will be 2.35 metres from ground level.
  3. The galvanised steel will slowly oxidise and gently lighten. It will change and evolve with the elements and the water.
  4. The spray will be directed by a number of nozzles which can be manipulated to ensure that the leaves are coated with water which then drips down from the textured edges and around and across the cellular patterning.
  5. The water will gather in the metal bowl and flow over the rim (which will be slightly more textured than in the model) into the restored stone basin in an uneven curtain.

For info about the project, site, model and where the model can be viewed, please visit the Improving Ilkley JustGiving page.

For info about the design, please refer to Design process

A short editorial comment which accompanied an article in the Yorkshire Post 7 May 2024 about the Ilkley fountain project: