For a special exhibition to celebrate twenty-one years of jaggedart, each gallery artist was invited to present a work which fits within 40cm x 40cm. We made an oak leaf mobile in oak wood and with pyrography, have used part of a quote by Sartre about the mobiles of Calder.


“…It is a fleeting snatch of swing music, evanescent as the sky or the morning: if you miss it, you have lost if forever. A mobile is in this way like the sea, and is equally enchanting: forever re-beginning, forever new. No use throwing it a passing glance, you must live with it and be fascinated by it. Then and only then will you feel the beauty of its pure and changing forms, at once so free and so disciplined.”
(From: The Mobiles of Calder, Jean-Paul Sartre Calder: Gravity and Grace, Phaidon Press Inc, 2004)


We have used six words which, as the different shapes within the mobile move and rotate, appear in an ever-changing order:

Details about visiting the exhibition (18 April – 19 May) can be found on the jaggedart page.

Image of mobile above by Rich Bunce.