Juliet & Jamie Gutch | Untethered

  • 17 May

  • Juliet Gutch

We have worked with local blacksmith James Wilkinson and together created a version of our wooden mobile ‘Untethered’ in 2.5mm copper. We plan to have two editions of 10. One edition will place the mobiles in the outside, with the copper gradually oxidising and turning green. The other edition will be fixed with a yacht lacquer so that it will have a permanent mirrored finish – either for inside or outside. The mobile is 58cm high x 43cm wide.

Please contact me for further information. One of the editions will be exhibited at Newby Hall, summer 2019 and the other at the Ilkley Art Trail 2019 28 – 30 June.

Images by David Lindsay.



Juliet & Jamie Gutch