An Embrace of Trees

For this exhibition we were invited to create a number of works for an exhibition at a property in North Yorkshire. The pieces were created in response to the people living there, and to two trees (an ash and a sycamore) which have grown together to create a space beneath.



Many of the works were hung in the gardens and grounds, some were shown in the stables and outbuildings and others in the house. Images of the works both in situ and in a studio environment can be seen below.  To see the full size images, please click on the thumbnails. (Photography by David Lindsay)

The titles of the work came from a poem entitled An Embrace of Trees which was written for the exhibition:


Caught naked on a winter’s day, the trees

Unclothed by leaves seemed out of place and coy.

A skein of lines on a wondrous sky, so stark,

Made forms of light like unexpected joy.

Overnight, it seemed, the openings disappeared

As green, like dye, spread with stealth from tree to tree.

The shapes through which the world had seemed so clear

Were gone with only muffled leaves to see.

But these two trees had found each other and slow

Ly grew, entwined and made a space between.

Like words, which in company with each other make meaning grow,

They reframed the world in a way as yet unseen.

Life’s rhythm is silence, mysteriously defined

By the presence of forms which slowly intertwine.


Details of the works with prices and availability can be found at the bottom of this page. For images showing the process of responding to the space and making the pieces, please look in News.



Details, prices and availability:

No. Title Materials Dimensions Price  Availability
1. As yet unseen Grey ash, natural sycamore, natural ash 38cm high x 58cm wide £1,150.00 SOLD


Slowly intertwine Natural sycamore, grey sycamore 44cm high x 44cm wide £975.00  SOLD
3. Found each other Grey ash, natural sycamore 60cm high x 24m wide £675.00 SOLD
4. Coy Grey sycamore 28cm high x 22cm wide £550.00  SOLD
5. Unexpected joy Natural sycamore 56cm high x 35cm wide £1,150.00 N/A
6. Wondrous sky Natural ash 36cm high x 46cm wide £875.00  SOLD
7. Presence of forms Grey ash 27cm high x 32cm wide £550.00  N/A
8. In company with each her (i) Natural sycamore and grey ash 36cm high x 46cm wide £650.00 SOLD
9. A space between Grey ash 40cm high x 23cm wide £675.00  SOLD
10. These two trees Natural ash, grey sycamore 30cm high x 71cm wide £925.00  SOLD
11. So stark Natural ash, grey ash 25cm high x 27cm wide £600.00  SOLD
12. Mysteriously defined Natural sycamore 47cm high x 36cm wide £850.00 N/A
13. Entwined Natural ash 62cm high x 30cm wide £775.00 SOLD
14. In company with each other (ii) Natural sycamore, grey sycamore 49cm high x 36cm wide £650.00  SOLD
15. The world had seemed so clear Natural sycamore, grey sycamore 65cm high x 34cm wide £800.00 SOLD
16. Silence Natural ash, grey ash 36cm high x 18cm wide N/A
17. Like words Natural ash, grey ash 43cm high x 60cm wide £975.00 SOLD
18. Unclothed by leaves Grey sycamore, natural ash, grey ash 74cm high x 51cm wide 925.00 SOLD
19. Life’s rhythm Grey sycamore, natural sycamore 45cm high x 42cm wide £1,050.00 SOLD
20. Reframed the world Grey sycamore, natural sycamore 36cm high x 49cm wide £825.00  SOLD
21. Forms of light Natural ash, grey ash 58cm high x 38cm wide £825.00 SOLD
22. A skein of lines Natural ash 58cm high x 39cm wide £775.00 SOLD
23. Shapes Grey


71cm high x 39cm wide £825.00 SOLD
24. Openings Natural sycamore 57cm high x 21cm wide £975.00