Dovetailing: catalogue of mobiles



Titles with description of musical term (by Esme Gutch), dimensions, materials and price

1. Canon Canon: Shapes echo through the piece in individual entrances, imitating and evolving as they move.”

60cm x 32cm,       elm and maple


£400. 00





“Rubato:Robbed time’, expressive shaping and phrasing, free.”



76cm x 45cm,         elm and smoked oak





3. Rest
“Rest: A pause, quietness in the impact of the previous notes and anticipation of the incoming phrase.”



74cm x 24cm,        elm and smoked oak




 4. Alla corda “Alla corda: Playing with the bow remaining firmly adherent to the string throughout the passage, ‘possessing’ the instrument and concentrating the sound.”

 56cm x 30cm,   maple










“Crescendo: A surge of volume and intensity”



59cm x 52cm,   spruce and maple





 6. Legato “Legato: Flowing and extending with grace and fluency.”


65cm x 37cm,   maple


 7. Fermata “Fermata: Prolonged beyond the duration of its note value. Stillness, tension and quiet anticipation”


30cm x 40cm,   spruce and maple










“Ambitus: The distance between extremes; depth of a piece”



60cm x 32cm, smoked oak, sapele, maple


 9. Allegro energico “Allegro energico: Energy driving through the movement of the piece.”


35cm x 45cm,   spruce and maple


 10. Diminuendo “Diminuendo: Getting softer”


33cm x 26 cm,  spruce


 11. Pianissimo “Pianissimo: Soft, gentle, a whisper” 70cm x 33cm,    maple £575.00
 12. Forte “Forte: Vibrant”


73cm x 44cm,   spruce and maple










“Duet: Relationship between a pair, coexisting and intertwining”



28cm x 48cm,   maple, sapele and smoked oak









“Interval: The space between notes”


63cm x 63cm,       elm and maple



 15.  Ritenuto “Ritenuto: Slowing down”


45cm x 45cm, spruce, maple, sapele and smoked oak



 16.  Accent “Accent: Emphasis on a shape or note.”


48cm x 36 cm,   maple


 17.  Counterpoint


 Lines are in a harmonically interdependent relationship yet independent in rhythm and contour.”



88cm x 40cm,        elm and smoked oak




 18.  Acciaccatura


“Acciaccatura: A crushed note, a grace note, slipped into the melody but hidden within the rhythm.”



60cm x 42cm,       elm and maple




 19.  Phrase “Phrase: Unit of a melody in a passage of music. Contained, creating boundaries and layers.”


50cm x 57cm,   maple and sapele









“Alto: Clef used by the viola. Mellow and resonant.”


51cm x 49cm,   maple









Decoration to the melody. Ornamentation”


38cm x 26cm,   maple






Tied note


“Tied note: Tension connecting two notes or shapes. Bridges sounds.”



31cm x 29cm,   maple and spruce









“Cadence: Configuration resolving a phrase or piece. Concluding.”


46cm x 40cm,   maple