Moorland Collective, Ilkley Art Trail

For this exhibition I worked with a group of artists on a Moorland Collective at the Ilkley Arts Studio for the Trail:

“My mobiles for this exhibition explore a defined space on Ilkley Moor and the dry-stone walls which surround it. These walls delineate the landscape and have been made by unknown hands. They exist as barriers between spaces but also as places of shelter for plants, insects, and other life. Some creatures, such as bats, use them to navigate across the landscape. In making these works I have researched how walls are made, how their lines are formed, how they intersect and how these walls, like mobiles, have balance at their core. I am interested in how the stones which are used to build the walls are displaced from their original homes and how the whole has a grace and energy greater than the sum of its parts. I┬áhave written a series of poems which accompany the works, and which try to link the idea of words being built into a poem with a stone fixed into a wall or a wooden element suspended within one of our mobiles. I am exploring the use of natural objects within the work and have found the shapes for individual pieces from drawings I have made of grasses, birds, stones and ferns.”

Please contact me if you would like to see the full poem for any of the works.

Images of all works by David Lindsay.