Moorland Collective, Ilkley Art Trail

I am working with a group of artists on a Moorland Collective at the Ilkley Arts Studio for the Trail in June (28th – 30th). The artists have all tried to evoke their experiences of the moor in their work: Emmeline Butler through ceramics, Tara Joy through plaster relief casts and ceramics, Susannah Lawless through acrylic landscape paintings, and Rachel Sedman through analogue photography, printmaking and sound installation.

For my contribution I have completed a series of mobiles and poems inspired by Ilkley Moor. I have focussed on one particular area on the moor which is bordered by dry stone walls. The walls, their history and the way that the walls are carefully balanced have fascinated me, and I have researched the various ways of building dry stone walls. Walls can be barriers but they also delineate the landscape to create safe places and often themselves become microclimates for a huge variety of insects, bats and even small birds. Bats use dry stone walls to navigate across the landscape.

I am interested in how the stones which are used to build the walls are displaced from their original homes and how the whole has a grace and energy greater than the sum of its parts.

The title for each work is taken from a poem. Please contact me if you would like to see the full poem for any of the works.

Images of all works by David Lindsay.